Kulimela Association connects a global community through transformational experiences of loving service, Bhakti Yoga.

Current Events

New V Kulimela tree final horizontal

We gather to celebrate the love of our family and to forge new ties in our ever
expanding community. Join us in New Vrindaban, West Virginia this summer!

June 15-19, 2016

To register, find lodging, volunteer, donate or contact us:



A Kulimela experience incorporates four essential elements:


Building Community

First, we decide to gather. Specific reasons and purposes can be as varied as the participants. This may be in a muddy cow field or a five star hotel. Location is secondary to intent.


Serving Together

Second, as we come together, we voluntarily do things to serve one another and the community in which we gather.


Empowering Each Other

Third, by seeing others doing so many interesting things, additional people feel inspired and in turn become empowered to do even more amazing things.


Transforming Hearts

Fourth, through a gradual build up over the course of the event people are better prepared to open their hearts and participate in a loving and blissful experience.

“Kulimela” means “Celebrate Community!” in Sanskrit.
Help us serve, love, inspire, connect & empower our community.